From Norridge Illinois meet The Time Machine Band. Playing great music from the sixties and more. About-us
About us...
The Time Machine Band
Most of us are originally from Norridge, Illinois, a Northwest Suburb of Chicago.

Dennis, Gerry and Jim B are all from a band that has been together since elementary school in the early 60's.  John, the original Bass player does not live in the area anymore.

Claude was from another well known Norridge band called The New Styles and has gone on to play professionally.  

Jim M is from another Norridge garage band called The Crusaders.  

Samantha is our bass player and also has plenty of experience playing in professional bands.
Taking you back in time for some
Great Music From The 60's (Give or take)
The New Styles 1966
The Time Machine Original Members
L - R:  Jim Manfre, Jim Bukowski, Dennis Duel, Gerry Kerns, Samantha Wolf, Claude Calesini.
John Rogacki, Dennis Duel, Jim Bukowski, Gerry Kerns.